Monday, February 17, 2014

digging ditches

Tonight I find myself sitting in a classroom, watching a video class taught by Pastor Tom Schaller while surrounded by students from all over the world. A medley of Arabic, Farsi, Russian, and Turkish coming from the translators spread around the tiny room meshes together into a harmonious hum. As Pastor Schaller dives into the principles of discipleship, we are struck by this amazing reality: God has done this. God gave a vision to Pastor Matti Sirvio some four years ago to have a multilingual, international Bible training institute. There, people from all over the world, and most importantly the Middle East and Central Asia, could gather together for one-month mini-semesters packed with classes, trips, evangelism, laughter, and deep fellowship. Now, here we are. Who knows the amazing movements of God's Hand which brought these precious people to this place? Who knows what great exploits will be done for the sake of Christ as fruit of what God has sown in our hearts during this time? We are stunned at the radical Grace that has brought us here, and the prospect of coming events.

Pray for us.

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