Monday, August 9, 2010

Words from Sweden

Well, the month here in Sweden has come to an end. I will be on my way back to the states on Wednesday to gear up for the next move to Finland in September. It's been amazing to see how God has really stretched my capacity here and has been so faithful to give Words in season, divine "rhemas" that have been right on time. It's always surprising and actually very humbling when you here that something you have said has moved someone spiritually. Knowing the depths and wonders of our own depravity, we always can be positive it's a complete work of Grace. Also, isn't it amazing to see also how the Word comes at different times in the anointing? Sometimes it hits us like a hammer, breaking into pieces the little shards of the flesh so that we can't find a piece to draw water with. Other times it comes like dew in the morning, we don't even realize what it's doing until we awake to find ourselves drenched with His Goodness. However it comes though, it's always doing a work thats way beyond human ability and human understanding. It births within us new lines of sight, new perpectives, and new visions to go forward in the Mission. There's just no way we could possibly do this kind of work if it wasn't for that Sword that cuts on it's way through us and heals on it's way back.

It's been a real blessing to get to know the people here in Stockholm. We've spent many times together at the church on Sunday morning, or at houses on weeknights just having simple fellowship and listening to God in His Word as it is preached. We are being built up in Him. Also, it's been a time of great challenges, of course. However, God has been, and always will be, faithful to enlarge us in our distress through advances of the Spirit within. That is what I've seen in people here. They are all going through it, just like any one of us. But we all are brought to a place where we have to make the decision: Am I going to fall on the Rock and be broken, or will it fall upon me and leave my capacity crushed? We can get through anything if we choose to fall upon Jesus Christ and His Word.

Sweden, the people here, the times together, the vision to go forward in Scandanavia and beyond, all of these things I'm sure will stick with me. They are of eternal substance and their value can only grow with time. During this time we've seen new people coming to church (great stories), young people from Stockholm going to our youth camp in Finland, souls won to Christ, people growing in their faith, and much more. I am so excited to see what God will do with this country, these people, and this ministry in the next 10 years. Yes our minstry has had some success in this part of the world, and yes we are so grateful for it, but I say, "Let's do it all over again!" In a new, fresh way we can see God pour out a blessing on our unity and bring thousands into His Kingdom here, in the States, and all over the world in these end times. ....Right?


I've been surprised at the questions I've received here in Sweden, especially from young people. I was witnessing in the center here in Stockholm a couple weeks ago and I stopped to give a couple tracks to some interesting looking teenagers. They were in somekind of "emo" group, whatever that is. There were skateboards flying around, cigarettes lighting up, and kids doing some really obnoxious things. However, in the midst of all this craziness there were a few guys who called to me and said "What are you doing, what's this paper all about?" I went on to explain what I what I was doing and they asked me to sit with them and talk about God. One of them had really been putting a lot of thought into it and had some great questions about Jesus and who he was and why Christianity is the only right belief system. We sat and talked for almost an hour until I had to leave.

One of the kids that I'm living with here, a sixteen year-old named Teodor (Teddy), had been talking with his friends about Christianity. They had many questions that he didn't feel equipped to answer so he asked me if I would meet with them. So we went down to the nearest soccer field and they came, about 7 of them. We played a little soccer and then Teddy said, "I think they want to listen to you now." So we sat and they began to ask me all kinds of questions about Christianity, God, miracles, heaven, hell, etc. It was amazing. I was really impressed with their searchings of heart and how much they had been thinking about these subjects. It was proof to me that God is really moving in the people of europe. I will continue to keep these kids in prayer and wait on God to draw them to Himself and put people in their life that will prod them with the gospel.