Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the person

Late this evening, I found myself walking through the back streets which lead home, enjoying the crisp autumn night. I was listening to an old Pastor Schaller message which sparked some crucial thoughts in my mind.
Consider the lost souls in this world and how they think. Many people in the west have such an interesting concept of Christ these days. They see Him as just a religious figure, or in some cases, as just a principle. We often hear people speak of Christ on these terms: Why haggle about whether He really existed, or whether He really was who He said He was? The story of His life and death is full of useful principles of morality and selflessness. Why can't we just leave it at that and move on? The problem with "just moving on" would be this: What if He is not just a principle? What if He is a person? What if He is God? On these two points pivot all the meaning and purpose of creation and human existence.
The fact is He is not just a principle. I have a mother. She lives in Lee, Massachusetts. We can talk about the "Mother Principle," or the principle of having a good mother. However, the fact is that I have a real mother who is a real person. The same reality faces every human being. Jesus Christ was, and is, a real person. He really is who He said He was and will continue to be so. We must engage this personal God and find our life and meaning before His wonderful Throne.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


So last week, for the first time in Greater Grace/Raamattu Puhuu history, we launched a preteen boys floor-ball league: Pukinmäen Säbäkerho (Pukinmäki Floor-ball Club). At our first official game we had a group of 9 people consisting of four leaders and five preteen competitors. Three of the young guys were from the area and were first-timers in any of our church activities.

Each week we will have a game which is divided into two halves with a water break and Bible study during the halftime. We plan to play every Saturday morning until November 12th. Keep this in prayer as it is a great way to reach young people in this area with the precious Gospel.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the latest

Well things are starting to really heat up here as the Finnish autumn approaches. We started our Bible school up again at the start of this month and we have been so thankful to God for the fruit that is being manifested. Our classes are full as more and more people are looking to find definition for their lives in the Word. The Bible is truly alive with power and substance.
Also, as is shown in the pictures, we sent out a newly married couple to spend a period of time in Budapest, Hungary taking classes in the Greater Grace affiliated Bible school there. Teija, another amazing friend and disciple from Helsinki, has taken a step of faith and moved to Baltimore, MD, USA to study in our Bible College (MBC&S) for one year. It is so edifying to see these young Finns dare to challenge the system, or as I call it, the "Finnish way", and walk by faith in this time. I pray that it continues. I am sure that God honors all who let go of the natural life to find the greatness and power of a victorious life of faith with Christ.
This month, starting this week, there is a major media campaign run by various churches and Christian organizations in Helsinki. This campaign will run into the middle of October. There will be advertisements all over the city pointing to Christ in whom we find the power to change. We are excited to see what fruit will come of this event. Our church is taking part in evangelism and visitation programs which will be used to meet and follow up on people who are seeking this changed life. Pray for us... pray for them.