Thursday, February 27, 2014

uploads from Istanbul

Hey guys! Here's some photos from recent weeks in Istanbul. Hope you enjoy...

Monday, February 17, 2014

digging ditches

Tonight I find myself sitting in a classroom, watching a video class taught by Pastor Tom Schaller while surrounded by students from all over the world. A medley of Arabic, Farsi, Russian, and Turkish coming from the translators spread around the tiny room meshes together into a harmonious hum. As Pastor Schaller dives into the principles of discipleship, we are struck by this amazing reality: God has done this. God gave a vision to Pastor Matti Sirvio some four years ago to have a multilingual, international Bible training institute. There, people from all over the world, and most importantly the Middle East and Central Asia, could gather together for one-month mini-semesters packed with classes, trips, evangelism, laughter, and deep fellowship. Now, here we are. Who knows the amazing movements of God's Hand which brought these precious people to this place? Who knows what great exploits will be done for the sake of Christ as fruit of what God has sown in our hearts during this time? We are stunned at the radical Grace that has brought us here, and the prospect of coming events.

Pray for us.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

halfway across the world

So I finally made it to Oman today. It's been a wild ride spending time in Finland, Sweden, and Turkey just in the past week. We had an awesome church service on Wednesday night in Turku, Finland with our two American missionaries (Ben Munson and Tom Colban). Sunday morning we were in Stockholm, Sweden with our church there to cap off the week. 

I'm really looking forward to what God is going to do here in Oman. I sense that we are breaking ground for something new in this country. We're bringing the Message of God's radical Grace in a fresh way with our hearts open towards the people here. 

Today and tomorrow we'll be at Pastor Matti Sirvi√∂'s art exhibition at the Muscat Design Fair. Should be an interesting place to meet Omani people. 

Looking forward to this week! Keep us in your prayers

recent news

Here's an old post that never made it on the page for some reason... Thought you might enjoy it, it's from November '13

Hello readers, I would like to first apologize for the lack of posting happening on my end. I have now temporarily moved back to the states for a little while but I will continue to post whenever I can. 

I just returned recently from a trip to Muscat, Oman and Istanbul, Turkey. What an amazing time. Oman was so different than any other Arabic countries that I, and those who traveled with me, have ever been to. There is a relaxed sense of openness and tolerance towards believers and the Christian faith. Pastor Matti, from Istanbul, had an art exhibition in Muscat. There were news reporters, a small crowd of people, and even Omani royalty who came to see this interesting Finnish man and his artwork. We were given the opportunity to speak with Omani people about their faith and ours with amazing liberty. We plan to go back in late January. 
Istanbul was an incredible time as always. New friends, old friends, a fresh vision for the present and the future. Keep these very important people and places in prayer. We will reach the Middle East by God's great Grace.