Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eurocon: Drinking from the Brook in the Way

"He shall drink of the brook in the way: therefore shall he lift up the head" Psalm 110:7

Whether you're playing backyard football at Honeygo Park on a Sunday night at 12 o'clock or a quick game of sähly with the Finns after church, you always need a solid time of refreshment.  As Soldiers of the Call, it can be so easy to plow through our life without stopping and drinking from the brook in the way. It's so easy for ministry to become routine when we're not being refreshed. We pour out, pour out, pour out, but sometimes forget to just sit and receive. We have been called, equipped, and trained to go out and work the fields. However, in that call, God has put provisions of Grace where we can receive refreshment from the Throne of God. Think about Abraham's servant in Genesis 24 who was "in the way and the Lord led him". Where did the Lord lead him to? He led him to a well. It was at that well that Rebekah gave him a drink to refresh him on his journey. 
To me, Eurocon was really a time of refreshment for me in the midst of the Work. I felt like I was just sitting at the well and God was drawing out Living Water for me to drink. Seeing all the servants who are daily laying down their lives on the field: refreshing. Hearing the anointed messages from true men of God: refreshing. Late night raps at the Turkish Restaurant with Pastor Schaller: refreshing. Times like those will be lasting refreshment for months to come. While at Eurocon, my vision was refreshed. My love for the Bible was refreshed. My fire for the lost was refreshed. The importance of intercessory prayer in my heart was refreshed. It is so good to be in a ministry where this need for refreshment is so well understood. 
God is so faithful to lead us to those wells of refreshment and say "Just sit. Relax. Drink." Stop worrying about the details, cast your cares upon me, and just relax. Let's look for the wells of refreshment that God puts in our way daily. It could be a time of fervent prayer. Or maybe just a solid conversation with someone. It might even just be a ridiculously good döner kebab on the streets of Berlin: REFRESHING!  God has a well of deliverance in every situation, from which, with joy, we draw waters of refreshment for our souls. (Is. 12:3)  Let's be fresh, alert, and focused as we live this life of faith in the reality of the Kingdom of God. How? Just stop and drink.

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Matt and Emily May said...

Love this! Thanks so much for writing it. Sooo easy to forget to relax, when it's so natural to think "TO DO". Glad you got to enjoy a ridiculously good doner in Berlin! There's more here whenever you want! -Matt & Emily