Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Report from the Field: Jyväskylä

  What an awesome time we had in Jyväskylä this past weekend. Our hearts were stirred to see young people come from 5 cities (Jyväskylä, Hämeenlina, Helsinki, Vaasa, and another city, which I can't remember the name of) to gather together in joy and listen to God speak to us. 
Matti Kraama and I landed at Jyväskylä's TINY airport Saturday night and headed straight for the meeting place. I was blessed to see the room filled with about 30, or so, young joyful Finns, Filipinos, American's, and Africans gathered together to worship Christ. We had songs, food, and a message on having changed lives. As the rap ended, we realized we had been there for about 5 hours, and we still were standing around wanting more. 
Here in Finland, the hunger for the Word is so great among many young people and definitely growing among others. My prayer is too see many of these young people be raised up as missionaries, preachers, counselors, teachers, Bible students, prayer warriors, and most importantly manifesters of the Life of Christ everywhere they go. If they keep living through the cross, drawing near, delighting in God and His word, and receiving from Christ, their source, than I believe this will most definitely be the case. These young Finns will go all over the world, bringing this most amazing gospel to lost souls, just like P. Matti Sirvio, Heidi and Arto Niukkanen,  P. Ben Turkia, and many other amazing servants of God.  For I believe it will be even as God has said it. 
He is for us... so tell me... who exactly can be against us? (Rom. 8.31, I John 5.18b, Ps. 124, Acts 5:39) 

" Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies." 
Psalm 108:13

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