Friday, March 6, 2009

On the Road Again

It seems like we just got back from Sweden, but here we go again! On our way to Jyväskylä this weekend to have like a mini youth conference with about 30 people. Praying for an awesome time, anointed by God, and moving forward in oneness here as a ministry in Finland. Thanks for your prayers and your lives. Two words: Eternal Is ... think about it.

Other Upcoming Events: 
 - Pastor Scibelli and the Missions Conference here next weekend
 - EUROCON (with trips to Berlin and Romania following)
 - Easter Conference in Vaasa in April
 - Weekly outreach to student housing on Thursdays 
 - Youth meetings on Saturdays
 - Young Men's Bible Studies on Mondays
 - Other Meetings, trips, and events as God leads

1 comment:

Ben, Susanna, and little Camden said...

Mat! Looking forward to seeing you at the EuroCon. Susanna and I arrive in Budapest on Tuesday morning and stay till Monday... no kids, wow it will be exciting to see everyone and be escorted into the mind of God for this hour. I enjoyed hearing your words as Pirgi read your letter aloud to the hampden church. Thank you for thinking of us and taking the time to communicate that. God is. That is my answer to "how are things going in hampden?" God is! This is reality. Great to read your thoughts, and to hear about the Finland Mission. See you soon in the will of God. Have you seen our hampden site ?