Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a day out

We had our "bros only" youth night this weekend with an amazing guest speaker: Pastor Juha Haatanen. It was a great time, one for the record books! Pastor Juha got real personal with the young guys and the words were deep. Our calling, having a personal relationship with Christ, taking new steps of faith, decision-making with God, all of these topics stirred our hearts as the fire warmed our boots (and burned some hands!). One of our youngest guys was grilling our youth leader (Jouni) about when the next outing like this would be. There's a hunger in these young men... a hunger to know Him who has redeemed us.
Pray for the "bros" here in Helsinki.


Mary Laflamme said...

This eternal investment will change their lives as it did for my own sons.

Nikky B said...

top lads