Thursday, February 9, 2012

again abroad

I made my return to this great nation of Finland a couple of weeks ago. I had barely enough time to catch my balance before I was headed back to the airport once again. I spent 10 days in Turkey and Cyprus with different groups of believers; Turks, Kurds, Greek Cypriots, Brits, Russians, Iranians, you get the idea. It was such a rich time seeing so many believers from so many different backgrounds, including Islam, worshipping the Lord together. We have a Greater Grace church in Istanbul where Pastor Matti, a Finnish pastor, is leading a vibrant assembly. Most of these people considered themselves Muslims just a few years ago! Now they have found the Truth in Christ and are growing in their walks of Faith. Keep their Istanbul Bible Institute in prayer as they look to add students and teachers for these upcoming semesters.

In Cyprus we have another group of believers who have started a Bible school where they watch video classes from MBC&S. We got to be a part of their first live class which was taught by Pastor Matti. The next night we had a time of discussion and got to hear some of their personal testimonies. What a great time.

Keep these places in your prayers as well as the great work of God here in Finland.

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