Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my mother

Just a few days ago, my mother returned to the States after being here with us in Helsinki for almost a week's time. She came with Jenny Perry, an awesome woman of God from our church in Lee, MA, and they ministered in the Women's Seminar that our church hosted. It was so great to see them invest in the ladies' lives here in Helsinki and I believe their visit really left a lasting impression on everyone present. My mother has always played a huge role in my walk with the Lord. Her prayers were many and their power has been manifested in my life and many others. We await your return Ma!

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Mary Laflamme said...

Posted at 4:44 my favorite number. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! What a blessing to be with all of the dear folks in FINLAND!! I COULD LIVE THERE !!! : ) Gerry could go ice fishing ALOT!!