Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the person

Late this evening, I found myself walking through the back streets which lead home, enjoying the crisp autumn night. I was listening to an old Pastor Schaller message which sparked some crucial thoughts in my mind.
Consider the lost souls in this world and how they think. Many people in the west have such an interesting concept of Christ these days. They see Him as just a religious figure, or in some cases, as just a principle. We often hear people speak of Christ on these terms: Why haggle about whether He really existed, or whether He really was who He said He was? The story of His life and death is full of useful principles of morality and selflessness. Why can't we just leave it at that and move on? The problem with "just moving on" would be this: What if He is not just a principle? What if He is a person? What if He is God? On these two points pivot all the meaning and purpose of creation and human existence.
The fact is He is not just a principle. I have a mother. She lives in Lee, Massachusetts. We can talk about the "Mother Principle," or the principle of having a good mother. However, the fact is that I have a real mother who is a real person. The same reality faces every human being. Jesus Christ was, and is, a real person. He really is who He said He was and will continue to be so. We must engage this personal God and find our life and meaning before His wonderful Throne.

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