Thursday, April 14, 2011

A bountiful eye

In I Kings 18.41-46 there is a story of God answering the prayer of His friend. At a time when all of Israel had gone into panic mode, Elijah sent his servant to go look at the sea seven times. On the seventh time it says that he say a little cloud arise out of a sea, "like a man's hand." It's interesting how sometimes when we survey our situation we can only see "man's hand." Little things are happening but it seems nothing supernatural. However, Elijah trusted God would answer his fervent prayers, and he saw the fruitfulness behind that little hand. God was moving. Elijah had a bountiful eye, and he was blessed by God.

"How does my life look?" Do you see man's hand? Let's ask God to give us a bountiful eye so that we can see His hand and all of the great works He is doing in our lives.


Stephan and Mindy said...

Wow Matt, this is encouraging. DO you read these comments? If so, just want to let you know Stephan and I are planning on coming to Finland with a few teens (so far 3)!! Keep in touch via skype or email:

Mat Laflamme said...

Haha, yes I do read these comments. That is such good news. It will be an amazing event with teens from all over the world, including Berlin!