Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sicily: An Open Door


       I remember being in Turkey about three and a half years ago and hearing Pastor Matti rehearse the vision that God had given him for the Mediterranean countries while he was visiting the country of Jordan. At the time we had little to no real presence as a ministry in the Mediterranean that I know of. This past week, a team of twenty-five of us from Baltimore, Marlboro, Romania, and Hungary, went to visit the new work in Messina, Italy which is on the east coast of Sicily. When we landed we were met by Pastor Virgil and he expounded on some of the things which he saw during the past year that he has been living there. He has prayed with over two hundred people there in Messina personally over the past year and a half. This is a response that he has never seen in Europe in the last decade of his life as a pastor in Romania and Italy. Just the first night we were there we talked with a group of six young Sicilian military men for about an hour. At first they did not seem so interested but as Pastor Virgil explained unto them the seriousness and simplicity of the Gospel of Grace they seemed to open up. A hunger for God became visible to us and after an hour or so they were all praying out loud in Itailan with us to be saved. Who knows what happened that night in their hearts, only time can tell and only God really knows. All I know is that during the week with Pastor Virgil and Pastor Scibelli we were exposed to a great number of open hearts and a new field for our ministry that plants us right in the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Just imagine what God could do there with a team of people and a few men wholly given to God like Joshua and Caleb. WHO KNOWS?

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