Thursday, February 19, 2009

Upcoming Events to Pray for

Here's some of the things coming up in the near future here on the field:

- Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden.  2/20-23
- Pastor's meeting in Tampere, Finland (Discussing many things including new church plants in Finland).  2/28
- Trips to Vaasa, Finland in April and May including Easter Seminar.
- Pastor Scibelli and the Missions Conference here in Helsinki before Eurocon. 3/13-15
- Trips after Eurocon (Berlin, Prague, possibly Romania)
- Trip to Turkey hopefully in May
- Trip to Palermo, Italy in April or May
- Starting trips to Porvoo, Finland in March and April. 
- Trip to Yvaskyla, Finland in April or May.
- Trip to St. Petersburg, Russia in Spring.
- Continuing Young Men's Bible Studies on Mondays, Student Outreach on Thursdays, Teen Evangelism and Youth Meetings on Saturdays. 

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