Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here's some things to keep in prayer:

- Youth Trips to Yvaskyla, Kuopio, Stockholm, Sweden...maybe others as well.
- Mission trips to Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Palermo, Sicily, Turkey...and more.
- Eurocon
- We are looking to start something in a nearby city of Porvoo in March.
- Monthly trips to Vaasa.
- Growth in Youth Ministry and Young Adults Ministry here in Helsinki and all of our churches in Finland. 
- Power, boldness, and wisdom in our evangelism and new people in the church from the streets.
- The Grace of God would really be revealed to people in each of it's many facets. 
- Disciples
- more to come...

Mat Laflamme


Ruth Caron said...

Hey Matt this is awesome!! I'm praying for you and your time in Finland! I love it, you hear the Word and you go... God bless -Ruth

Ruth Caron said...

Sorry I mean Mat with one "T":) ha

Mary said...

waiting to hear more!!! This is a great way to help us to pray for you. Love, Momma